NEW YORK: Carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. have risen by 18 per cent during the 1990-2004 period, a recent study by an advocacy group has indicated.

The state-wise study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group showed that CO2 emissions came down in only two states — Delaware and Massachusetts — and the District of Columbia, while Texas and Nevada headed the list where the emissions grew at the highest rate.

The group used data from the U.S. department of energy for the study.

While Texas headed the list of states with emissions growing by 95.8 million metric tons during the period, Nevada with a 55 per cent growth ranked first in terms of percentage growth.

The group said electric power plants and the transportation sector — particularly cars and light trucks — contributed mainly to the increase in CO2 emissions nationwide — emissions from the electric power sector rising by 28 per cent and from the transportation sector by 23 per cent.

The study finds that the electric power sector accounted for 55 per cent of the increase in emissions. Increasing demand for electricity from residential, commercial and industrial consumers led to this rapid increase in emissions.

Coal-fired power plants accounted for most of the increase — three-fourths of the emissions increase in the electric power sector and 42 per cent in the overall increase in emissions.

CO2 emissions from natural gas consumption in the electric power sector increased by almost 70 per cent, accounting for 13 per cent of the nation’s overall increase in emissions.

The transportation sector accounted for 40 per cent of the overall increase in emissions. Emissions from motor gasoline consumption increased by 22 per cent, accounting for more than half of the emissions increase in the transportation sector.

The group released the report, titled “The Carbon Boom: State and National Trends in Carbon Dioxide Emissions Since 2007,” Thursday.

The top 15 states with the largest percentage increases in energy-related emissions are:

1 Nevada 55 per cent
2 Arizona 54 per cent
3 New Hampshire 50 per cent
4 South Carolina 45 per cent
5 Colorado 39 per cent
6 Idaho 38 per cent
7 Oregon 37 per cent
8 Florida 37 per cent
9 Mississippi 36 per cent
10 North Carolina 36 per cent
11 Alaska 35 per cent
12 Missouri 34 per cent
13 Virginia 34 per cent
14 Nebraska 31 per cent
15 Vermont 29 per cent

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